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PT.Andalan Inti Rekatama (PT.AIR) - GRUNDFOS Authorised Dealer & Service Partner

The AeroJet is a self-aspirating aerator that keeps aerobic treatment processes running and also helps to avoid odour problems in wastewater storage, as anaerobic zones can be eliminated.
AeroJets are a flexible way of providing both mixing and aeration with the same device. AeroJets are easy to install, operate and maintain, as they do not require any blowers, air distribution piping or control valves.
The flexibility of the AeroJet offers distinct advantages for upgrading aeration capacity to meet increased oxygen demands. It can be used either alone or as a supplement to existing aeration equipment.
AeroJets are available in many different sizes to ensure that all needs can be met, no matter what the size and shape of the tank.
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